Use a safe link to check the balance of your online account

Use a safe link to check the balance of your online account

I was told to go to Walgreens and but a Best buy card while he was on the phone with me. He said his name was Ray Thompson. Then to day he said I had to get two more Best buy cards one for 500 and one for 200. Before he could send me the money. I did the 390 but I did not do the two for today

Somebody asked me to get a Walmart gift card and then a bank would send me a check to forward

So I posted something to sell on OfferUp and I was contacted by a lady called Vanessa for the dress she said she was willing to send me money through cashapp so I can send the dress. She finally send the money but supposedly my cashapp needed an upgrade to business since the amount she was sending passed the limit of what I’m allowed to recieve, so she had to send $300 more for me to recieve the money, this was all through email , then the sent me another email saying I needed to buy 3 gift cards with 100$ each so they can refund her the 300 and i get the rest accredited to my cashapp Immediately .. then i actually bought them send them the code and Supposedly 2 of the cards came out “bad” and they needed a 200$ extra so 2 cards more .. they keep emailing me to send it or they’ll block my account and sue me.. do you think this is a scam ??

I was scammed by someone who said they was a loan officer and was going to put 3000 in my account after I sent them 390

That sounds like a scam. When someone says they will pay you, but they send too much money and ask you to send money back, it’s usually a scam. The often happens to people who sell things online. It’s called an “overpayment scam.”

Hey I have been told I win $50000 and they asked me to pay ?100 in steam cards to the person who said I win this money, so I did payed her and after someone contacted me she said she is agent and ask me to pay another ?100 in steam cards and I will get my winnings,so I did again, and after another person who was the insurance person asked me to pay to this agent another ?200 steam card and I will get my winnings so I did payed again, and after the person who said I did win this money from her because she offered me this money because she said she wanted to help me ask for another ?50 in steam cards so I did payed her again so I did payed ?450 in steam cards to them and I never get any money or winnings or package like they said I will get it and the last one they asked for to pay ?250 to immigration insurance fees and I will get my winnings so I told them I can’t pay because I don’t have any money left and they said I will be arrested because I did not followed the proceed so my question is why I will be arrested if I didn’t get my winnings? And they didn’t give me back my ?450 ?

I been talking with this guy. He said he want to pay my credit car, I allow this and after that he asked me for eBay cards for something on his job. I told him I don’t have the money but now the money that he send me is on my credit card. And he asked again for the eBay car physical eBay card not online. What should I do.? It’s feel I’m been scam but he did pay the credit card.!

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